Chris Lundy Campbell

storyteller, folklorist, writer

Short Stories, Novellas, Novels, Screenplays

and quixotic long term projects

Fiyah Lit Magazine #18

"The magic in Rebecca’s blood is strong. Defying her Big Ma’s wishes, she combines her medical training and healing talents for a night of urgent house calls—at great personal risk."

Piper's Crossing

The tale of Freeman Cuffy Bard's journey through the wilds of Pennsylvania on a quest to save his daughter from slavery with the assistance of his ally and nemesis Ol' Harry Putnam the girl's maternal grandfather and a freeman of considerable means.

Nomads of Time

During a tragic accident, Simon and his friends were pulled into the Everwhen- a place of eternal possibilities. Taken in by the Nomads - a people descended from a long-lost cousin to humanity- who made the Everwhen their home. Simon longs to return to the time, place, and family he left behind, but the way back is blocked by something even the Eternal Nomads have never seen before. Something so wrong that it threatens everything that ever was or ever could be.

The Broken Spire

The exciting first book in an Epic Bronze Age Science Fiction Series.


Coming soon.

My Campbell ancestors were stripped of everything including their names when they came to America. Upon gaining their freedom after years of abuse one of the few things they could call their own were their slave names. For generations, my family has passed down the name Lundy in hopes that someday our claim would be recognized.